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Why should I live at Stadium150 Apartments?

1. The Value. We believe that you get more for your money at Stadium150 than at any other apartment community in Provo. In terms of location, price, and amenities, Stadium150 really is the best place to live on the north side of the BYU campus. In each six-person apartment, there are two refrigerators; there is an inexpensive, on-site, pay-with-phone laundromat; there is a large clubhouse with a flat-screen TV and ping-pong table. 2. The people here are amazing. This community tends to attract residents who are engaged in life while still serious about their studies and who develop life-long friendships. 3. The staff here are friendly and eager to help your stay be as enjoyable as possible.

How much is rent?

Your rent depends on which floor plan you select. Click here to check out our floor plans!

Do I pay for anything besides rent?

In addition to rent, there is a monthly flat rate of $60. This fixed cost is made up of $40 for Utilities and $20 for Communications (cable and internet). Renter’s insurance is also required. It is only $12 a month. Residents may opt out of this charge with proper proof of insurance.

How do I apply?

Applying is simple online! Click here to apply.

How do I file a maintenance request?

Please login to your resident portal to submit your maintenance request.

What is the internet like?

We use the same internet provider as BYU. At each desk, a residents can hardline in at the provided Ethernet port via an Ethernet cable (to be provided by the resident) and will typically experience speeds over 700 Mbps. In addition, we have Wi-Fi routers positioned throughout the community that any resident can use. Depending on current usage (e.g., how many residents are on each router and what they are using the internet for), Wi-Fi speeds range between 5 to 200 Mbps. Please understand that our intent in providing internet is to enable students to be able to complete their needed studies and assignments. We do not claim to offer high-speed internet and we discourage residents from streaming video or gaming via the Wi-Fi because it has a tendency to prevent others from using it.

Beyond my own personal belongings, what should I bring with me when I move in?

We recommend you bring the following items with you when you move in:

• Twin-sized bedding (sheets, blankets, etc.)

• Your own pillow(s)

• Bath towel(s)

• Wash rags

• Basic eating utensils and dishes (plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, bowls, basic pots and pans, etc.)

• Basic cleaning supplies

• 6’ or shorter Ethernet cable (to utilize the Ethernet port located at your desk)

We do not provide the following:

• Brooms

• Mops

• Vacuum

• Waste baskets

• Floor mats

• Shower curtains

• WiFi Router for Personal/Apartment Use

If possible, we recommend you check with your roommates to see if you will need to bring any of these items or any other “communal” items with you.

Floor Plans

Check out our 4 different floor plan layouts to choose from.  Our shared apartments come fully furnished and are designed for today’s student.

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